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A panama hat is a durable product and will last for years. However, it is very important to keep in mind the following recommendations:

1. Do not squash the hat.
2. Keep the hat out of direct sunlight when not using it. You can use a protective bag to put the hat in (also very useful when you are taking your hat on a trip).
3. If the edges are creased, you can iron with the iron on medium heat. Do not iron directly on the hat, but put a white cotton cloth on it. Gently massaging can help to bring the hat back to its original shape. 
4. Use facial tissue and baby wipes to clean the hat. Our exclusive protective bag prevents that your hat gets dirty when you are not using it. 
5. If the hat gets wet, gently rub the hat to put it in the right shape. Let the hat dry slowly. Don't use heating or hair dryer.

About us

Ecualanda buys hats directly from the makers in Ecuador, which prevents unfair brokering. Ecualanda considers it important that the weavers receive a fair price for their products. Only this way a bright future for the artisans and craftsmen is insured.
Panama Hats, both classic and trendy, look beautiful and are surprisingly comfortable to wear. Have a look around and be amazed by the diversity and quality of this handcrafted natural products. Click here to read more about the Panama Hat.

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